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There is always room in the circle.



In a hostile, hurting world, we reach out to share kindness and laughter. 

Our spirituality is based on JESUS and His love and compassion. 

We provide a community of support and healing where all are welcomed and valued

regardless of age, sexual orientation, disability, gender, or economic status. 

In a world where people feel they can love only those who are like themselves,

we seek to celebrate the uniqueness of every human being.


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Pastor Jeff's Lenten Study -- An Introduction to Christianity -- continues on Tuesday evenings in Lent from 7 - 8:30 p.m.

This study group is open to all and will be helpful for both those for whom the Christian faith is strange, new territory, as well for those who have been identifying themselves as Christians for a long.  Children are welcome; there are supervised activities provided for them.

March 28th

Who was the Apostle Paul, and what was his message? Next to Jesus, Paul shaped how we understand the Christian faith more than any other.

What is the “grace” of which he so often spoke, and how did his message influence Martin Luther nearly 1500 years later?
April 4th
Who was John Wesley and what are the distinctive qualities of the style of Christianity Wesley started referred to as “Methodist”?

Why was Wesley so optimistic about the possibility that we can grow in grace, becoming truly more loving in the course of our life time?

What is the “Church”? What was life like in the earliest church, and how did things change when the Roman Emperor Constantine became a “Christian”? 

In what ways do we find ourselves in a position in society that the Church has not known since before Constantine?

How should Christians in our diverse society relate to Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, etc?
April 11th
Why was Jesus crucified, and what do we mean when we say he was raised from the dead?
Why is it important to contemplate the story of holy week before we get to Easter?
What does his death and resurrection mean for our lives today?



Saturday April 8, 2017 4-7 PM
Dinner tickets available at the door:
$15.00 Adults | $11.00 Seniors (62+) | $6.00 Children(6-12)
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Served Buffet Style | Second Helpings are Encouraged
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